Epoxy Floor Coatings

What is Epoxy Flooring ?
The chemistry behind epoxy coatings can be quite complex, but rather than go into those complicated details, it makes sense to give a basic version of what epoxy is and how it works. Epoxy is a synthetic thermosetting epoxide polymer. This means that when the adhesive cures, it cannot return to its original form. It reacts with other chemicals, which help to cure or harden it, and this creates a very strong and very durable adhesive.

These same chemical properties are what make it so useful in sealing and protecting surfaces. Because of these properties, it is useful for commercial, residential, industrial, marine, and even art applications. In fact, epoxy is useful just about everywhere.

100% Solids-Based Epoxy 

A 100% solids epoxy doesn’t have any water or solvents to evaporate. As a result, they provide for a much thicker dry film coating of approximately 10 mils or more depending on the manufacturer and how it is applied.

Solvent-Based Epoxy 

Although not a 100% solids, it is very practical and useful for many different types of industrial use. They generally contain 40% to 60% solids, and you do have to take precautions just as you would with solid-based. Because of its excellent bonding properties, it is an ideal primer for industrial or commercial grade applications. 

Water-Based Epoxy 

The most economical and practical choice for residential applications. This type of epoxy stand up quite well against normal foot and vehicle traffic that one might have through a garage, walkway, or finished basement with concrete flooring. Some water based epoxies can be applied to concrete that is still damp and can actually make for a good sealer to help stop hydro-static pressure from moisture vapor transmission.
Epoxy preparation and installation for floors and countertops is a mixture of science and art especially for our team of seasoned experts here at Epoxy Floored.

With over 25 years of proven excellence and unparalleled dedication to total customer satisfaction, Epoxy Floored has established a solid reputation as the premier provider of top quality epoxy floor and countertop installation services that truly bring out the best in your home and business' interiors.

With our wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, we have perfected the substrate preparation and epoxy installation. we have developed a proven methodical way of doing things which allows us to deliver superior quality results in an efficient, cost-effective manner our clients love. Whether you are in need of decorative countertops or amazingly beautiful floors that stand the test of time, there is no need to look anywhere else because we have your needs totally covered - here at Epoxy Floored.

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